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I think tumblr should buy a country so all of us can relocate there permanently. It’ll have nation-wide free wireless internet. We can live in houses according to blog categories/fandoms and we’ll stalk the good looking people on tumblr from an awkward distance. The only foods on our diet will be pizza and nutella. And we’ll all have a gazillion cats who dance. Of course, an HP Marathon once a week with the regular Misfits and Spongebob. Unicorns will be our chosen form of transportation. At tumblrland, we’ll embrace each others’ awkwardness and best of all, our humors will finally be properly appreciated. And we’ll all be forever alone, together.




so… if we put all our money together… we can buy new zeland…?

^ Ha

Sounds like a plan.

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Everyone who sees this should really reblog this….you don’t know what it means.

Please reblog this guys, this poor girl needs to be found and you never truly know who might see it, so it’s always worth it. :(

Please Help and reblog this picture. It means a lot. She needs to be found. Please help.

 Keep reblogging

Everyone please reblog. Shes from my town, Morgan Hill, she went to my school I’m going to attend this year. Our small town has done things like search parties every week, balloon releases, fundraisers, spirit days in honor of Sierra. We love her and we’re just waiting for her to be found. So please take a second to reblog this, it won’t make your blog ugly.

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